Atelier Mobile - Discover the Art of Making Clothes

A glimpse of the art of making clothes

Join us on 5 June to discover the art of making clothes.

From inspirations, to pattern making and fittings, we would like to take you
on a scenographic journey of how and by whom our pieces are created, staged by multi-talented Annelies Bruneel. The purpose of this event is to show, step by step, the creation of our pieces.


Meet Giuseppe Ciaravino

Giuseppe Ciaravino

Giuseppe Ciaravino is a renowned couturier from Milan (Italy) with more than 40 years of experience in tailored menswear. 

Giuseppe and Ramona met in Frankfurt in 2019. They both share a passion for design, luxurious fabrics, and sophisticated couture. The two designers organised a private sale event in Frankfurt in 2020. Reunited again, they are happy to present their respective collections at this event.


Luxury is quality and craftsmanship

Our design mission is ethical and earnest: to produce considered garments that make a social statement. Starting from the materials and the way they are sourced, to production and distribution, all our steps respect a quality requirement and a sustainable way.

Today, it seems important to us, to highlight these values by showing our work. At the event, you will have the opportunity to follow a roadmap allowing you to discover, from one stand to another, the stages of the production of our clothes.

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