MONA WIE opens luxe-ethical boutique in Brussels

MONA WIE, together with Atelier Annelies Bruneel and Ataman, has opened a slow-fashion boutique in Brussels

The three designers behind the Belgian labels have opened a new boutique concept in the Brugmann neighbourhood. They want to focus on high-quality and sophisticated clothing in a setting that inspires the customer to search for her authentic style.

The collaboration was born when Ramona met Annelies and Mustafa, realising  they shared a common vision: distance themselves from the fast fashion market by offering garments with sophisticated cuts and high longevity. The designers emphasize on style rather than trends. Their creativity translates into refined silhouettes and details. In addition, they use rich fabrics and produce locally with ateliers featuring a real savoir-faire and human working conditions. The customer has a direct contact with the creator. Thanks to the collaboration of the three designers, the customer can choose between different styles and approaches ranging from ready-to-wear to semi-couture and haute couture.

The designers present their creations in a gallery concept, whereby the customer enters the boutique and can marvel at the creations as pieces of art. Eventually, the three designers want to help women to dress in line with their own identity and needs. The way we dress does not only impact the way how others perceive us but also how we perceive ourselves: garments are an integral part of our visual identity.




Annelies Bruneel is clothing creator and thinker. Through true conversations, questions and time, Annelies creates the space fort he customer to feel her authentic self. It is a form of self-love to surround oneself with things that underwrite one’s story. Letting oneself be seen and be, is the driving force behind her creations. Prices from 800 onwards.

Infused by oriental pop-culture and French New Wave cinema, the Ataman collections explore a reverie of excess in lightness, an intricate balancing act at the core of all of what we do. These opposite forces have formed and informed our energy and aesthetic research. All creativity eventually defines its own playground ; this is ours, and this is where we have fun. Prices from 230 onwards.

Practical information

Address: Darwinstraat 37, 1050 Elsene 

Open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 11am until 7pm, and Sunday from 11am until 4pm


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