How to Choose the Right Winter Coat

As the temperature descends and we bid adieu to sunlit days, we embrace the crisp, invigorating temperatures of fall and winter. This seasonal shift brings forth a unique opportunity - the chance to invest in the quintessential piece of outerwear: the winter coat. However, before making this significant investment, it is paramount to contemplate a set of factors, guaranteeing that your winter coat serves not only as a warm cocoon but also as a pinnacle of style. We shall navigate the art of selecting the perfect winter coat, meticulously tailored to your distinctive preferences.

Embrace a Style that Suits Your Shape

Your choice of winter coat should enhance your natural figure, making you feel both stylish and confident. 

The type of collar adorning your coat can significantly impact your overall appearance. A high collar not only adds warmth but also exudes elegance, while a classic notched collar stands the test of time in terms of style and versatility.

One could argue that the choice of collar is closely related to your facial features, neck length, and overall body shape. The way you wear your collar, be it a notched collar closed one-sided or two-sided, is a matter of personal flair.

Let's delve into the theory of coat shapes and collars to help you find the perfect fit.

Pear Shape - narrow shoulders, defined waistline and wider hips

If you have a pear-shaped body, choose styles with interesting collars and wide lapels to accentuate the upper body, like a the Amalia coat. You can also choose belted coats like the Jennifer coat with a belt to highlight your waist. If big collars and lapels aren’t your thing, try a double-breasted coat to add some volume to your torso. A belted trench coat works well, too.

    pear body shapePear body shape


    Hourglass Shape - full bust almost the same measurements as hips, well-defined waistline

    Flaunt your hourglass figure with coats that emphasise your waist, such as the Amalia coat or the Charlie trench coat. These styles will showcase your well-proportioned curves.

      Hourglass body shape

      Hourglass body shape

      Strawberry (athletic) Shape - broad shoulders, wider than hips, large busts and minimal definition between waist and hips

      For those with a strawberry-shaped body, opt for coats with long, clean lines and avoid big lapels and collars. Choose A-line coats that give the illusion of curvier hips. You can also go for a loose, open fit open coat that has plenty of room for your arms and shoulders.

        Athletic body shape

        Strawberry (athletic) body shape

        Apple Shape - the midsection is the widest part of your body

        You’ll want to draw attention away from your waist. Choose a roomy style that draws attention to your legs. This means finding a coat with just the right hemline. At the top of your thighs is the magic leg-elongating mark. Cocoon coats, such as the Alexandra coat, are probably the best option for making the waist appear slimmer.

          Apple body shape

          Apple body shape

          Rectangle Shape - small to average bust size, little waist definition and hips the width of your shoulders

          If your body shape is more rectangular, you can wear almost anything, and especially chunkier and oversized coats. You could also consider coats with defined waistlines or those that add volume to the hips. These designs will create curves and add visual interest to your silhouette.

            Rectangle body shape

            Rectangle body shape

            Petite - small frame and under 160 cm

            In general, one would say to choose shorter styles. However, longer styles like classic wool and easy-to-style duster coats can actually be quite flattering on petite women as long as they are well-tailored. The clean, long line create the illusion of height. Belted coats are also great, as a clearly defined waist means elongated legs. Basically, petites should choose between two extremes. Avoid knee-length options as they will cut the body in a strange place (making legs shorter than they actually are).


              Pregnant women

              You will want a style that allows room for growth while remaining stylish. If you can wear it post-pregnancy, even better! Choose a belted style like a trench coat or a wrap coat. Tying the belt above your bump creates a fake waist by making an empire silhouette. A cocoon coat is another stylish choice that will comfortably fit your growing baby bump.


                Calculate your body shape

                Not sure which body shape you have? You can check it out using this web-based calculator.  

                Or, you don't have a measurement tape and don't know how to take measurements? Send us an email ( or book an online appointment with us, we would be glad to help you.


                Remember, the theory is a guide, but the ultimate judge of what makes you feel your best is you. Trust your instincts and personal style when selecting your perfect winter coat. 


                Choosing fabrics, textures and colours?

                When it comes to fabrics, warmth, quality, and style should be at the forefront of your considerations. At MONA WIE, we are staunch advocates of natural fabrics. Therefore, we recommend investing in materials like wool or cashmere, renowned for their exceptional warmth and durability, as opposed to wool-polyester blends, which tend to lose their luster over time.

                Consider the texture of the fabric - do you prefer a structured or flowing material? Is a draped look more your style, or do you lean towards a slightly textured finish?

                Investing in more neutral colours - Jennifer coat


                Regarding colours, while neutrals like black, camel, and gray are timeless classics, don't shy away from making a statement with bold hues like electric purple, rose, or cream.


                Making a statement with the electric purple Alexandra coat


                Versatility is Key - Maximising Your Winter Wardrobe

                Your winter coat should seamlessly complement various styles and outfits in your existing wardrobe.

                Depending on accessories, your coat should adapt to different occasions.


                In conclusion, choosing the perfect winter coat is an art, and it all starts with understanding your body shape, collar preferences, and the style that suits you best. Additionally, considering fabrics, textures, and colors ensures your coat is not only fashionable but also functional. Finally, prioritize versatility to make your winter coat an indispensable part of your wardrobe.

                Explore the MONA WIE collection of coats

                You can also personalise your coat with the colours and fabrics that you like. 


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